Others Film Club #1

Shirin Sabahi
『Borrowed Scenery』

開場 18:30 開演 19:00
予約 1,500円 当日 2,000円
テヘラン出身ベルリン在住の美術家/映像作家のShirin Sabahiを迎えて彼女のドキュメンタリー作品の上映会を催します。
『Mouthful』『Borrowed Scenery』両作品の被写体となったのは、日本の美術作家の原口典之。原口は1960年代から作家としての活動を始め、1977年の「ドクメンタ6」に参加し、彼の代表作「オイルプール」はイランのテヘラン現代美術館に永久収蔵されています。
『Mouthful』では、原口がテヘランで「オイルプール」の修復を監修する姿を映し『Borrowed Scenery』では岩手のアトリエでの対面を記録しています。
Sabahiは11/25(土)まで東京・下高井戸のGoya Curtainで展示も開催中です。
We are pleased to present a screening of two films by Tehran-born, Berlin-based sculptor/filmmaker Shirin Sabahi and will screen a documentary film of hers.
The subjects of both “Mouthful” and “Borrowed Scenery” are Japanese artist Noriyuki Haraguchi. Haraguchi began his career as a artist in the 1960s and
he participated in Documenta 6 in 1977.
His masterpiece “Oil Pool” is in the permanent collection of Tehran Museum of Modern Art. “Mouthful” shows Haraguchi supervising the restoration of an “Oil Pool” in Tehran. “Borrowed Scenery” documents their meeting in his studio in Iwate.
Both works are valuable documents capturing the last years of Haraguchi’s life, who regrettably passed away in 2020.
After the screening, we will have a Q&A talk with Sabahi to hear more about the encounter between her and Haraguchi.
If you are interested in “mono-ha,” this is a must-see.
Sabahi is also exhibiting at @goya_curtain in Shimotakaido, Tokyo until November 25th.The exhibition title is “Pika Pika”.If you are in Tokyo, please stop by.
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